A Guy, A Gal, His Git, and Her Kit

There are thousands of books on the market offering advice on creating a successful band, or keeping a happy marriage.  The Greg Phoenix Experience seems to have accomplished both; the simple solution is to marry your bandmate.  Guitarist/vocalist Greg Phoenix and drummer Erin Berry comprise this rock and roll duo out of Philadelphia.  With 55 years of combined experience making music, the two continue to explore new territory with the Experience.  Phoenix has an extensive background in rockabilly and it’s harder-edged psychobilly offshoot, most notably with New Jersey psycho outfit Speed Crazy.  Together with Berry, the two of them formed a rockabilly-meets-40’s swing quartet called Delco Nightingale, with Berry on vocals.  During a hiatus from that project in 2013, the pair purchased a $200 dollar drum kit from a local thrift shop and not long after that, the Greg Phoenix Experience emerged.


This time, taking a cue from the music they actually grew up with (as opposed to that of their parents or grandparents), the duo takes the garage upstairs to their third floor “Penthouse” rehearsal studio.  Channeling sounds reminiscent of the Yardbirds, the Kinks, or any Nuggets artist, their goal is simple: to rock.  From a stripped-down version of Music Machine’s “Talk Talk”, to an amped-up take on Elvis Presley’s “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry”, to the band’s own “Barbie’s on the BBQ” which offers a nod and a wink to the Cramps, the sound is raw, real, and rockin’.   Artyfacts over artifice - playing heavy and traveling light - these are the keys to the successful musical marriage that is the Greg Phoenix Experience.